Two hands reaching down from the top of the image. In the right hand is a transparent plastic pill sorter, half filled with brightly colored pills. The left hand is holding a red pill, about to place it into the opened "Wednesday" slot.

WayAround is now partnering with Accessible Pharmacy!

Accessible Pharmacy is a comprehensive, home delivery pharmacy specializing in the blind, DeafBlind, and low vision community. Accessible Pharmacy provides accessible packaging and labeling solutions so patients can manage prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements independently and safely.

Two types of bottles with WayAround round stickers attached to the front. The left is a dropper bottle that is brown plastic with a black dropper cap, and the right is an amber plastic pill bottle that is empty.

Accessible Pharmacy patients can package their prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements with:

  • Traditional Bottles
  • Easy-Open Bottles
  • Pre-Sorted Pill Organizers
  • Pre-Sorted Pill Packets
  • Single-Dose Liquid Infant Medication 

Accessible Pharmacy patients can label their prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements with: 

  • Traditional Labels in English and Spanish
  • Large Font Labels
  • Grade 1 Braille Labels
  • Contracted Braille Labels

Person holding a smartphone and touching it close to a WayTag plastic tag on a pharmacy pill bottle.

Now, WayAround users can add medications to their labeling profile. Accessible Pharmacy can label your medications with WayAround WayTags. Users can get their medications packaged in a solution that works for them, and label that solution with a WayAround WayTag.

Accessible Pharmacy will attach a WayAround WayTag to a patient’s medications including prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements. Using the free WayAround - Tag and Scan mobile app, WayAround users can easily and independently label, scan, and receive information from their prescriptions.

iPhone with WayAround app loaded on it; the screen reads "Theo-24 for Jane Smith; RX: 0060023-082971; Directions: Take one capsule by mouth daily; Quantity: 30; Refills remaining: 5; Fill date: April 4, 2022; Expiration: April 4, 2023; Prescriber: Dr. C. Smith; Warnings and Notes"

WayAround works with your preferred accessibility settings on your smartphone, including:

  • Screen readers like VoiceOver and TalkBack
  • Large font
  • Inverted color schemes
  • Refreshable braille displays

Download the WayAround App

The WayAround app is FREE and available on all iOS and Android devices.

Accessible Pharmacy Logo: A yellow sun half crested with "Accessible Pharmacy" in black letters beneath

Accessible Pharmacy fully supports the WayAround technology. Please feel free to call 215-799-9900 and discuss if WayAround is a good fit for you and your needs. It is 100% FREE!

Accessible Pharmacy Contact Information: