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Frequently Asked Questions

WayAround General

WayAround is a smart assistant that will change how you keep track of important information about your everyday things. Using a mobile app and interactive smart tags, you can store and manage information that’s important to you.

We are big fans of labeling, no matter what kind of label you use. WayAround lets you store much more information than traditional labels do. The description can be many paragraphs long (up to 2K characters). Our smart fields let you add other details, too, like expiration dates, ingredients, laundering instructions, and more.

WayAround was created by Blind InSites, LLC, a company started by two architects with vision loss. Learn more about our founders, Darwin and Armand.

We're glad you asked! Yes, we are continuing to work on installing WayAround in public spaces to give information about what’s available around you and how things work. We launched the home and office product to provide a useful new tool to people and to help users get familiar with NFC technology.

Absolutely! Even though WayAround was created for people with vision loss, sighted people can benefit from our smart information system. Like many products that have been created with accessibility in mind, WayAround's focus on an easy experience for those with vision loss results in a product that’s intuitive and useful for everyone.

WayAround App

You can download it for free on the Apple App Store or get the Android version from the Google Play Store.

No! WayAround uses Near Field Communication technology, which only requires that you hold your NFC-compatible smart device really close to a WayTag. No camera required.

If you have an Apple iPhone, you can use WayAround. iPhone 7 and above have a built-in NFC reader, so once you download the app, you’ll be good to go. Older iPhones may not have an NFC reader or do not allow developers like WayAround to access the NFC reader, so you will need to use a WayLink to make your phone compatible.

While we don’t have an app designed specifically for the iPad, some people are able to download our app and use it with an iPad. You will also need a WayLink.

Not yet. We may develop an app for the Apple watch in the future. If that’s something you would like, please let us know.


WayTags are placed on items to make them “smart”. The app reads the information stored on a WayTag.

Just about anywhere! WayTags come as stickers, magnets, buttons, or clips, so there’s a tag that should work for anything and everything. If you’re placing a WayTag on something that’s metal, be sure to use a square WayTag that will work on metal.

Yes and no. There are WayTags for just about anything. One thing to keep in mind is that if an object contains metal, you will need a square WayTag. Square WayTags have a protective barrier that prevents the metal from interfering with the technology.

Metal interferes with the NFC technology. Our square WayTags have a protective barrier that prevents the metal from interfering with the technology.

It’s not ruined. The tag simply won’t work while it’s on the metal object. If you place the round WayTag on a non-metal object, you should be good to go.

It’s easy. Just hold your smart phone or WayLink on top of the WayTag. Wait for a moment, and your phone will vibrate when it has read the WayTag.

You’ll need to know where the NFC reader is located on your device. For iPhones, the NFC reader is located in the top center edge. The NFC reader is in the center of the WayLink. You may use the front or back side of the WayLink to scan, though we find you’ll get a quicker read when using the front.

It’s quick – reading takes just a moment.

WayTags are about the size of a quarter or a postage stamp.

You can order WayTags from our website. Most WayTags come in packs of 25. We also offer a starter pack that gives you a sampling of all the different types of WayTags.

WayTags cost about $1 each. Some are a little more, and others are a little less.

Yes! Both styles of buttons – the 2-hole button and oval hole button – are waterproof and can withstand temperatures between -40F and 200F.

The temperatures used in dry cleaning should not affect the WayTags, however some chemicals may affect it. Some chemicals used in dry cleaning may degrade plastic, PVC, or polyurethane, so the WayTags may be affected. Your best bet is to check with your dry cleaner and let them know your clothes have plastic tags inside.

We recommend the oval hole laundry button. It is waterproof and can withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees F. You can loop a rubberband through the oval hole and attach it to frozen food.

We’ve formatted WayTags to work specifically with the WayAround app. We’ve added privacy and security measures to keep your information safe. Other NFC Tags will not work with WayAround.


If your phone is silenced, you may not hear certain audio cues. Try turning up your phone’s volume and be sure the mute switch on the left hand side is turned off.


Near Field Communication, or NFC, is a type of wireless communication much like RFID. As the name suggests, it only works when the reader and the tag with information on it are really close together.

NFC isn’t a new technology. If you’ve ever used Apple Pay or Android Pay, that’s NFC! Our WayTags come as stickers, magnets, buttons, and clips, so you can use them just about anywhere.

It depends. If you have an iPhone 7 or above AND you’re running iOS11, then your phone’s NFC reader will work with WayAround. If you have an older iPhone, your phone may not have a built-in NFC reader or developers like WayAround may not be able to access it. Many Android devices have an NFC reader. Use our device checker to find out whether your device works with WayAround.

If you can use Apple Pay with your iPhone, then you have an NFC reader, however that doesn’t mean it will work with WayAround. Apple has allowed app developers like WayAround to access the NFC reader only on iPhone 7 and above.

We’ve got you covered! Our WayLink is an external NFC reader that connects to your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy. If your device doesn’t have an NFC reader, you can use the WayLink instead.

To make NFC work, you just need to hold your phone or NFC reader really close to a WayTag. No camera is required, so you don’t have to focus anything. The tags are 3-dimensional, so it is easy to feel where they are located.