Person wearing dark glasses, facing to the left. They are seated at a table and are wearing a black high-collared shirt with jean jacket over top. Their arms are casually outstretched, hands resting on a book, reading braille.

Accessible labels for the blind, deafblind, and anyone with vision loss.

Your biggest problem isn’t poor eyesight. It’s that so much of the information in the world is visual. But you shouldn’t have to wait around for someone else to get the information you need. Or carry around a bulky, outdated device.

There is a better way to get accurate and complete information every time. So you can reduce stress and gain independence.

This is definitely a game changer, and I would highly recommend it to others.
Fred Quick
WayAround User
I just love it and think it is so much easier than a barcode reader or anything that has to be focused using the camera.
Melissa Wagner
WayAround User
I’m excited about it being digital and its capacity to store so much information.
Benjamin Vercellone
WayAround User

All the information you want with just a tap of your phone. No more waiting around to ask someone.

You need just two things to get started: the free mobile app for iOS or Android and some of our smart WayTags. 

Several green potted houseplants on a window ledge. Some have a WayTag sticker on the pot. Others have a WayClip stuck in the soil.

There's a tag for just about everything.

If you want to label something that’s inside, outside, wet, dry, hot, or cold, there’s a WayTag that will attach securely. WayTags come as stickers, buttons, magnets, and clips. Each of the different styles of WayTags work exactly the same. Simply choose the WayTag that’s best for what you want to label.
  • Label your kitchen, clothing, or medication.
  • Tag specialty items and tools for hobbies.
  • Organize lots of information about one thing on a single WayTag.
  • Scan each WayTag 100,000 times or more.
Keep adding more WayTags! Use any style of tag, in any order. There’s no limit to the number of WayTags you can use. So you can rely on one system to label all your things.
WayAround Mobile App Image with descriptive information about Blue and White Striped Henley Shirt with shirt in background

Add a description to fully identify your things.

You may be used to labels for the blind that limit you to one word or phrase. With WayAround, you have plenty of room for everything you need to know. Use the free mobile app to identify items quickly using your smartphone, not another bulky device. Whatever text you put in the description field is what you will see first or hear with VoiceOver or TalkBack. You can include a word, a phrase, a sentence, or even several paragraphs. Tap your phone to the WayTag to read or write information. The information transfers in a split second through radio waves, so you don’t have to use the camera at all. It’s fast. Accurate. Easy.
Phone with the WayAround app. Dialogue box says Choose a Field Type with the choices Text Field, Date Field, Email Field, Heading Field, Link Field, Phone Field, Time Field.

Include optional details, like instructions, dates, and hyperlinks

You don’t have to settle for just knowing what something is. You can add any detail you might want to know some of the time, but not every single time you scan a tag. 

Here’s how it works: Your screen reader will automatically read the description after you scan a WayTag. Anytime you want to hear a detail, just swipe right to hear it. That way you only hear the details when you want. It’s so much more efficient than listening through a long audio recording.

Use Detail Types (or categories) to quickly add common information like washing instructions, cooking directions, or expiration dates. Or add a custom detail to enter anything you want. You can even include clickable URLs, phone numbers, and email addresses. If you want to add or change something, edit your WayTags as many times as you want.

Details let you keep track of all your important information. So you can spend less time figuring out what things are, and more time getting things done.

The Blind Life Logo

Sam Seavey of The Blind Life shows WayAround and some creative ways to tag your things.

"Probably the best way to label and identify your items if you're blind or visually impaired."

Sam Seavey
The Blind Life Logo
  • 100K+ scans per tag
  • Unlimited information
  • Unlimited editing
  • Unlimited total number of tags per account
  • Free account
starter pack kit, resealable bag containing multiple tags of each type.

An easy way to get started is the WayTag Starter Pack. The pack contains an assortment of all the WayTag styles for your kitchen, closet, bathroom or office.

Buy a WayTag Starter Pack

You don’t have to settle for inaccessible or incomplete information.

Stop worrying about burdening family or friends by always asking, “What’s this?” Do what you want without getting stressed, overwhelmed, or frustrated. If the only thing holding you back is inaccessible information, there is a solution.

“How tech-savvy do I need to be?”

If you can send a text message, you can write a WayTag. You can start by writing just a simple description. Then, you can edit a WayTag anytime to add or change your information. Enter information any way you normally do for texting or emailing

  • Use your phone keyboard.
  • Dictate.
  • Type on a bluetooth keyboard.

Then, tap your phone to the WayTag to read or write the information. It’s so much simpler than using the camera on the phone.

“Which accessibility features does it work with?”

The WayAround mobile app adapts to whatever accessibility settings are set on your device. You don’t have to do anything to make that happen.

Plus, you’ll benefit from our extensive testing across multiple accessibility settings. If you use a screen reader, large font, or a refreshable braille display, you’ll get tons of information in the way that works best for you.

“How do I know my information is safe and secure?”

You don’t have to worry about manual backups or other people reading your WayTags. All of your information is private to your account. It is stored on your device and automatically backed up to the secure WayCloud. You can even access your information from multiple devices, like a phone and a tablet. So you can trust your information will be there when you need it.

"How do I get information into WayAround about something I can’t see?"

Explore these ideas for getting information onto your WayTags.

Sometimes asking a sighted person is the easiest way to get all the information about something. If you're tired of asking someone else what something is every single time, then make this the last time you have to ask. Pick an area to get started. Chances are the people you ask anyway will be happy to help. You can even do a virtual labeling session over FaceTime, What's App, or any other video conferencing system. Once something is labeled, it becomes accessible forever. So you'll never have to ask "What's this?" again.
Aira’s trained agents provide visual descriptions of any item or location. Anyone can call in through the Aira mobile app and connect to an agent. Your first five minutes are free. Then the Aira agent identifies and describes an object, using the camera on the explorer’s smart device. Agents will describe ingredients and nutrition labels, articles of clothing, electronics, files, and more. Even better, agents can email the description to you. Then, it’s easy to add the description to a WayTag. Once you save the information to a WayTag, you can access it anytime through the WayAround app with just the tap of your smartphone.
Use copy and paste to efficiently get information and URLs onto your WayTags. You can find information and instructions for many products online. Think cooking directions and medication dosage. Copy and paste to add information from websites or emails to your WayTags. You can even add the URL as a reference for where you found the information.
Keep some WayTags with you when you go shopping or out to eat. You can label your items before you ever leave the store. Ask an associate to help you add a description, purchase date, and any other important details while they are fresh. If you have leftovers or take-out, label each container so you know exactly what's inside. For small orders, many employees are happy to help. Some big box stores and grocery stores even offer shopping assistance services. That way you could label a big shopping haul while you are still in the store.
There are many really helpful apps for identifying products. Some scan barcodes. Some use artificial intelligence. And some connect you with a sighted person for assistance. Almost all of them use your phone's camera. Relying on the camera uses a lot of battery. Sometimes it is hard to get the camera to focus. Even so, many of these apps are tremendously helpful, and you should use them to help identify things. Once you've identified something, tag it with a WayTag. Then you'll know what it is every single time. When compared with anything camera-based, scanning a WayTag is faster. It doesn't drain your battery. And you won't have to fuss with the camera.

Label your way to independence in the most important areas of your life.


So, you love to cook or love to eat. But going into your pantry or freezer shouldn’t be like going into a cave. Label your staples, frozen foods, snacks, and leftovers so you can quickly identify the right item every time.

  • Works in the freezer
  • No searching for a barcode time after time
  • Plenty of room for all the details you want
  • Add best by dates to track what to use first
  • Record cooking instructions
  • Link to online recipes
  • Variety of tags to label anything


You want to look put together and feel confident about your outfit. Every single day. Without having to memorize what different shapes mean. Or worry that you’ll find your labels at the bottom of your washing machine. Your answer is labels that have plenty of room for all the important details and stand up to the wash.

  • Attach securely by sewing or with a safety pin
  • Highest waterproof rating (IP68)
  • Add sorting and washing instructions
  • Write long, detailed descriptions
  • Describe outfits and accessories
  • Reuse on a new garment


From supplements to scripts, your medication is personal. Whether you have a collection of pill bottles or a day-of-the-week pill organizer, WayAround can help you stay organized and healthy. The Starter Pack will let you experiment to find the WayTags that work best for you.

  • Describe the med name and dosage
  • Pick from common usage instructions, or create your own
  • Add clickable links or phone numbers for reordering
  • Include warnings or notes on contraindications
  • Label pill boxes
  • Keep a current list of meds and supplements on your health insurance card

Five Star Reviews - App Store

Very user friendly, can be used all over the house for multiple items you need a label on, multiple different types of labels for clothes, food, personal files, music albums, dvds, can even be used outside to label my garden and that’s the best part.
Blind Retired Veteran
App Store Review
I absolutely love these tags! I love to cook and have cooked for 40 years plus. I have organized my kitchen including my pantry, freezer and cupboards :-) these tags make it so simple to identify the products I need without having to ask someone else. I am a very independent person and very self-sufficient. With the way around life is so much simpler :-) thank you so much for your wonderful product you have been a godsend! I would highly recommend these to anyone who is visually impaired or blind to help them organize their life!
How Does She Do That
App Store Review
I have used the Wayaround app and many Waytags from to organize my clothes, pantry and everything else around my home. After using this system for over a year I have found so many uses for it. Thanks for providing such a wonderful product.
App Store Review