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Getting Started

The WayAround App is designed to be simple, accessible, and intuitive for anyone with any degree of vision loss. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to get you started using WayAround quickly and effectively.

WayAround General

WayAround is a smart assistant that will change how you keep track of important information about your everyday things. Using a mobile app and interactive smart tags, you can store and manage information that’s important to you.

We are big fans of labeling, no matter what kind of label you use. WayAround lets you store much more information than traditional labels do. The description can be many paragraphs long (up to 2K characters). Our smart fields let you add other details, too, like expiration dates, ingredients, laundering instructions, and more.

WayAround was created by Blind InSites, LLC, a company started by two architects with vision loss. Learn more about our founders, Darwin and Armand.

We're glad you asked! Yes, we are continuing to work on installing WayAround in public spaces to give information about what’s available around you and how things work. We launched the home and office product to provide a useful new tool to people and to help users get familiar with NFC technology.

Absolutely! Even though WayAround was created for people with vision loss, sighted people can benefit from our smart information system. Like many products that have been created with accessibility in mind, WayAround's focus on an easy experience for those with vision loss results in a product that’s intuitive and useful for everyone.

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An orange juice carton and a milk carton of the same size and shape each with a WayClip attached to it.

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