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WayAround for Public Spaces

WayAround is the smart way for your business to provide helpful, accessible information that anyone can get with a tap of their smartphone. Our patented solution is easy to implement and improves the customer experience for everyone, including those with disabilities.

llustration of food and drinks on a market shelf with WayTags below each item. A smartphone with the WayAround app on the screen shows price and nutrition information about one product.

Useful to everyone.
Essential to those with disabilities.

With today’s fast pace and multitude of choices, anyone can benefit from WayAround's data-driven information. And for those with low vision or blindness, that information is critical to accessing your products and services.

Customer Comments

Using WayAround was the first time I was able to read the nutrition information on the back of a product. It was incredible!
Chris Ingram
Accessibility Training Contractor, Georgia Business Enterprise Program
WayAround makes information that has never before been available to people who are blind easily accessible. It is an elegant solution, which meets previously unmet needs of many who live with vision loss.
Neva Fairchild
National Independent Living and Employment Specialist, American Foundation for the Blind
WayAround makes my store accessible and helps in restocking to put things in the right place. It's an invaluable tool for the visually impaired entrepreneur.
Wesley Vaughn
Micro Market Operator
I’m excited about it being digital and its capacity to store so much information.
Benjamin Vercellone
WayAround User
This is definitely a game changer, and I would highly recommend it to others.
Fred Quick
WayAround User
I just love it and think it is so much easier than a barcode reader or anything that has to be focused using the camera.
Melissa Wagner
WayAround User

So Advanced, It's Simple.

WayAround’s mobile app feels smart and intuitive because of the cutting-edge technologies that enable this breakthrough experience. Under the hood, WayAround employs its patented solution based on Near Field Communications (NFC), an enterprise-level cloud architecture, and the latest accessibility features in modern smartphones.


Attach our smart WayTags™ to your products, fixtures, and equipment, and anyone with a smartphone can read them with just a tap. Each tiny WayTag can provide as much information as you like and doesn't require batteries either!


All your WayTag content is stored securely in the cloud and easily updated remotely through our web app. WayCloud is flexible, scalable and ready to seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources you may already have.

Universal Design

We believe great design should serve the widest group of people without compromise. WayAround presents your content in an attractive, modern format while providing top-tier support of the accessibility features in modern smartphones.
3 variations of the wayaround logo corresponding to business categories: retail & hospitality, corporate & industrial, and municipal & education.

Coming Soon for Your Business or Brand

WayAround is coming to the food and beverage industry soon. Our technology can help with accessibility, consumer engagement, compliance, and customer service across multiple industries.

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