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Accessories for Your WayTags

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If you want to label something, there’s a WayTag that can help! Sometimes you may need an accessory to help attach the WayTag, or to make it easy to remove the WayTag and use it on something else. That’s why we’ve put together a list of accessories that we recommend to help you make the most of your WayTags.

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Safety Pins

Use safety pins to attach the WayTag oval hole buttons to clothing, linens, or other fabric items. Be sure to use rust resistant safety pins. One-and-a-half inch safety pins work well. However, if you’d like to experiment with smaller or larger sizes, we’ve also included a variety pack with four different sizes.

Here are some tricks and tips for using a safety pin with a WayTag oval hole button:

  • Choose a consistent location for your WayTags! The inside of a sleeve, a hem, or in the collar all work well.
  • Try to pin through the hem. This keeps the safety pin from showing while you are wearing a garment. Plus, it helps preserve the fabric by not poking holes through it.
  • To label bedsheets, place a WayTag on the flat sheet, fitted sheet, and each pillowcase. This helps keep linens in matching sets. Attach the safety pin at the bottom, middle of the flat and fitted sheets. Then, it can serve as a tactile guide for making sure the sheet is even when you make the bed!


Labels can help extend the life of WayTag stickers. Dishwasher or freezer-safe labels protect WayTag stickers from moisture and harsh environments, preserving the life of a WayTag sticker.

You may place the label directly over a WayTag, and you will be able to read the tag through the label. Some labels are even decorative! Using a label over a WayTag is a great option for anyone who lives with sighted family members or roommates, so that the item is easily identifiable for everyone.

Elastic Bands

Use an elastic band with a WayTag oval hole button or a WayClip plastic clip. First, loop the elastic band through the WayTag oval hole button and then back through itself to secure it. Then, slip the band around any object.

WayClip plastic clips are designed to work with an elastic band. The tab in the center of the clip has two notches, so you can slip it around an elastic band. This works well for cans and jars. First, loop the elastic band around the item. Be sure that it fits securely. Then, slip the WayClip plastic clip onto the elastic band, ensuring that the clip lays flat agains the item.

Rubber bands are a versatile and affordable solution for many applications. Silicone bands are ideal for the freezer, since they won’t snap in cold temperatures.

Wallet Card Sleeves

Labeling credit cards, insurance cards, and other cards in your wallet is a great use for WayAround. Some people choose to place a round sticker directly on their cards. If you prefer not to label the card directly, you can place your cards in a card sleeve with a WayTag sticker. Then, when you want to use the card, simply remove it from the sleeve.

WayAround User Recommended Accessories

WayAround users have sent in lots of creative ideas about how they attach WayTags to various items. These accessories have been recommended by users and tested by WayAround co-founders.

Which accessories do you like to use with your WayTags? Tell us in the comments below. We will add to this list as we get more ideas!

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