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“Very user friendly, can be used all over the house for multiple items you need a label on, multiple different types of labels for clothes, food, personal files, music albums, DVDs, can even be used outside to label my garden and that’s the best part.”
– Blind Retired Veteran

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There’s a WayTag for just about anything. Click on an image below for a recommendation about the best type of WayTag to use. If you want to tag something that’s not pictured and need help deciding which type of WayTag will work best, email us at
Multicolor folded clothing in a single pile
Various sized empty self-care bottles for hairspray, lotions, and more on a white background
Three plants in small cement pots in a row
Two rows of spices and herbs in various shape and size glass bottles
Amber pill bottles on their own, with one tipped over, revealing white pills spilling out onto the surface
Multiple colored balls of yarn stacked on top one another
Three aluminum cans
Red charging cable
Multiple different colored makeup palettes and makeup brushes spread over a surface