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Get Way Organized with Aira and WayAround

Update: This promotion has ended.

WayAround is all about better information and greater independence. That’s why we get excited about other tools that promote those values, like Aira. We got to join Aira on Tuesday, September 8 as the very first guest on their Partnership Webinar series.

Through a smart phone app, Aira’s trained agents provide visual information about items like groceries, mail, and other household and office products. WayAround stores lots of information to organize and identify just about anything.

What can these two tools do together?

Jessica Hipp from WayAround joins Aira’s Jenine Stanley, Emma Vincent, and Ryan Bishop to discuss the power of an Aira Agent and a WayTag to get yourself organized. Explorers and WayAround users Paul Parravano and Paul Mimms share their personal stories.


Get Visual Descriptions from Trained Aira Agents

Trained Aira agents like Emma (featured in the video) give descriptions of any item or location. Aira explorers can call in through the Aira mobile app and connect to an agent. Then the Aira agent identifies and describes an object, using the camera on the explorer’s smart device.

People use Aira for a variety of everyday activities, including organizing and managing tasks at home, work, or school. Also, Explorers use Aira for reading inaccessible materials, troubleshooting technology, and enhancing engagement with entertainment, events, and social gatherings.

Use WayTags to Make Items Permanently Accessible

Aira explorer and WayAround user Paul Parravano explains how he contacted an Aira agent to describe the layout of buttons on a dehumidifier. The agent even typed up a description of the layout and sent it to Paul in an email. Then Paul copied and pasted the information onto a WayTag so the dehumidifier is now permanently accessible.

Agents can describe ingredients and nutrition labels, articles of clothing, electronics, files, and more. Even better, agents will email the description to you, so it’s easy to add their description to a WayTag. Once you save the information to a WayTag, you can access it anytime through the WayAround app with just the tap of your smartphone.

Have you used Aira and WayAround together? Tell us how Aira and WayAround have helped you make things permanently accessible in the comments below!

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