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Creative Ways Our Customers Have Used WayAround Technology

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WayAround is a blind-friendly smart assistant providing valuable information to individuals around the world.

One of the great things about WayAround is its customizability. Our smart WayTags can be attached to virtually anything. WayTags come in the form of stickers, magnets, buttons, and clips. That means they can change the lives of our users in so many different ways.

Today, we’re highlighting some of the creative ways our customers have used WayAround technology.

Tag Essential Oils that Are Too Long for Braille Labels

Various essential oils in colored bottles with towel and decorative plant in backgroundSome people apply essential oils topically. Others use them to diffuse pleasant scents around the home. No matter how you use essential oils, you’ll notice that they have exceptionally long names.

The names of many essential oils are so long, in fact, that they cannot fit on Braille labels. Our users have come up with a creative solution: they’ve attached a round WayClip to the essential oil bottle with a small elastic band.

Avoid Spoiled Food

If you or someone you love has trouble reading expiration dates for food, then a WayTag can solve that problem. Attach a WayTag to perishable items in your refrigerator or freezer. If you include the expiration date as a detail in the app, every time you scan the WayTag with your smartphone, you’ll hear the best before date for that item. This technique can be useful for items with no specific best before date as well – say, a pan of lasagna you baked last week. Just include the date it was cooked, and then you can avoid a stale or freezer-burned lasagna for dinner.

Explain Remote Controls

Modern electronics are complicated. Many TV setups come with 3 or 4 remotes. It can be Photo of six remote controls stacked in a piledifficult for anyone, particularly individuals with vision problems, to determine which remote is which, and the correct sequence of buttons for your optimum settings.

That’s where our WayTags come into play. Some of our customers have labeled remote controls with WayTags, making it easy to remember which remote is which. Add a round sticker to the remote, then customize the WayTag with relevant information. That information can include instructions on how to watch a movie, how to turn on Netflix, or how to change the sound.

Add Maintenance Information to Appliances

Who do you call when your washing machine breaks down? How do you run a fast cycle on your dishwasher? A WayTag can answer these questions.

Some of our users have attached our on-metal WayTag stickers to appliances in their home. These WayTags can include information about when service is needed for that appliance or which number to call for maintenance.

Label Specialty Tools

Some WayAround users are handy, and they may have an entire shelf outfitted with different tools and items for hobbies or home improvement. Identifying which tool is which and how to use each tool can be difficult. That’s why our users attach WayTags – like our popular oval-hole button – to the tool using an elastic or rubber band. You can label a pegboard or storage system with WayTag stickers to ensure you always put the tool back in the correct spot.

We’ve heard one story about a blind mechanic using WayAround to label a very specialized set of wrenches. Others have labeled screws, nails, and other small items.

Label Frozen Foods

Our waterproof WayTag oval-hole buttons are ideal for use in the freezer (or any environment with an extreme temperature). Use an oval hole button with an elastic band to label frozen food. Not sure what that mysterious aluminum foil-wrapped item is in your freezer? Use a WayTag to label it. This system works great for all types of containers.

Store and Save Seeds

Labeling seeds can be difficult. Our WayAround system makes it easy to label individual packets of seeds with names, planting dates, and other instructions. Store and save your seeds for future use!

Label Running Shoes to Track Mileage

Grey running shoes unlaced with teal blue accentsUse our WayAround system to track mileage on running shoes. Some users attach WayClips to their shoelaces. Take the WayClip off while you’re running, then re-attach the clip when you get home. The WayTag can be equipped with information like the date you purchased the shoe. After 6 or 12 months, you might want to replace the shoe.

WayClips can also help people with multiple pairs of running shoes remember their shoe rotation.

Label Leftovers with Best Before Dates

Not sure if that chicken salad in your fridge is still good to eat? Label your leftovers with WayTags. Our oval hole buttons can easily be attached to a food container with a rubber band. Include the date you made the item and the date by which it should be eaten.

Sort and Label Credit Cards and Loyalty Cards

Put a WayAround sticker on each of your credit cards with key information about that card – like your balance limits or customer service phone number.

If you’re looking for a specific credit card – say, a rewards card when booking a flight – youYellow, blue and white credit cards stacked together can use your WayAround tag to identify that card. This can also be used to identify other types of cards, from library cards to insurance cards and more.

We’ve heard stories of customers attaching card information to their WayAround system. You might add your driver’s license number to the tag, for example. That information will be read out loud every time you scan the WayTag. Because information you store is private to your account, another WayAround user would not have access to your WayAround information.

We Can’t Wait to See What You Come Up With Next!

WayAround is completely customizable. That’s why we’re so excited to see what our customers come up with next. How do you use WayAround? Contact us and let us know!

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