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Five Clever Ways to Attach WayTags to Your Things

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No matter what you want to tag, WayAround can help. Sometimes, figuring out how to attach the tags requires some creativity. 

Keep reading for five clever ways to attach WayTags to your things. But first, let’s talk strategy. 

When you set up a new organizing system, remember the 3 S’s: simple, sustainable, and sensible. There’s no need to make your system more complicated than it needs to be. A simple system is easier to maintain. Plus, organization is personal. What works for you may not work for someone else. So be sure your system fits your lifestyle and personality.

Ask yourself these questions to help you come up with a system that works for you:

  1. Can you use a permanent tag, or will you want to remove the tag and reuse it? Food items are a great example of when to reuse WayTags.
  2. How do you store the item? Does the tag need to be on a certain side of the object?
  3. Who else is responsible for helping to maintain the system? If you have a busy household, are there other WayAround users? Are there people with good eyesight who will need to be on-board with the system?

Once you have a clear idea of what will best serve your needs, it’s time to get tagging. Sometimes it makes sense to apply the tag directly to the item. Other times, using an accessory to attach the WayTag ensures that it’s secure and can easily be accessed or removed when necessary.

With that, here are five of our favorite creative ways to attach WayTags!

1. Silicone Bands

A silicone band is a lot like a rubber band, but it’s made of food-grade silicone rather than rubber. If you’re tagging something that will go in the freezer, silicone is more durable. Plus, a silicone band can go in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Loop a silicone band (or rubber band) through an oval-hole button so it makes a slip knot. You can do the same thing with a WayClip. Loop the band around the tab at the bottom of the WayClip. Another way is to loop the band securely around the item, then slide the WayClip between the band and the item. This method works best for items that don’t have much give, like a can of food or prescription bottle.

Silicone bands come in lots of different diameters and thicknesses. Here are some of the sizes we use most often:

  • 3 inch diameter: Ideal for canned food. Make a double loop around a prescription bottle.
  • 7 inch diameter: Use for bags of frozen veggies or other food items. Also works for small frozen dinners.
  • 12 inch diameter: Perfect for frozen pizzas and large frozen dinners.

By the way, the product links in this post go to Amazon, and we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase.

2. Wallet Card Sleeves

Tagging your insurance card, library card, or even credit cards can save lots of valuable time. If you don’t want to put the WayTag sticker directly onto the card, use a wallet card sleeve. Place the WayTag sticker on the plastic sleeve, then easily slide the card in or out when you need to use it.

You’ll find all sorts of wallet card sleeves online or at office supply stores. Here are a few styles we have tested:

3. Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners aren’t just a favorite craft supply from your childhood. Use them to attach WayTags to anything with a handle! Think milk jugs, detergent, and lawn and garden tools.

Some of our users use two-hole buttons and threads the pipe cleaner through the button holes. Such a clever and resourceful tip!

This works great to identify electronic cables. Hold the 2-hole button close to the cable and wrap each end of the pipe cleaner away from the button around the cable.​​

​​You can also twist the pipe cleaner around an oval hole button or the tab of a WayClip.

Choose basic black pipe cleaners or go with a variety pack of assorted colors.

4. Chip clips and Binder Clips

Would you believe that one of the most frequent suggestions we receive is to create a WayAround chip clip? Easily make your own, using your favorite clip style!

You can use almost any style of chip clip: one that’s wide at the bottom or a narrower style. Dig your favorite chip clip out of storage, grab a WayTag sticker, and tag away. Use a combination of round and square WayTag stickers on different clips to tactually identify items. For example, use round stickers on chips and square stickers on pretzels.

These colorful chip clips are sized perfectly for a WayTag sticker.

Binder clips are a little bit trickier because they are metal and most are smaller than a chip clip. Affix a WayTag button to the metal wings of a binder clip using a pipe cleaner or string. Even though the binder clip is metal, the tag won’t come in contact with much metal if it’s attached to the wings. So you won’t need to worry about using a square WayTag.

5. Chalkboard labels

Chalkboard labels are a versatile accessory that are especially useful if you have low vision or live with sighted people. These labels are black – like a chalkboard – and they often come in decorative shapes. They are great for containers of dry goods like rice, pasta, flour, and beans, but you can get really creative with where you use chalkboard labels.

Write on the chalkboard label with large, clear handwriting. Use a chalkboard marker that won’t flake off like real chalk does. For high contrast, choose a white chalkboard marker. You can also choose from lots of marker colors to color code similar types of items, or to go with your decor.

These chalkboard labels come in three sizes. They are dishwasher safe, waterproof, and removable. Plus, a white chalk marker is included.

Before you stick the label onto the item, place the label on top of a WayTag sticker. The front of the WayTag sticker should be against the adhesive on the chalkboard label. You don’t even need to peel the WayTag off its paper backing. Choose a consistent location to place the WayTag, for example, the bottom right side. Once the WayTag is positioned correctly, stick the chalkboard label onto the item. Anyone with some vision can read the high contrast label, and you can scan the WayTag to get more details.

There you have it! Five of our favorite accessories to attach your WayTags to just about anything. Check out our YouTube channel for more organizing ideas and tips.

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