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Meet our Interns, Victoria and Olivia

Photographs of two young women wearing glasses.

Victoria and Olivia Leger are rather remarkable. They are marketers, actors, photographers, video producers, and writers. Olivia (on the right in the photo above) participates in banking and finance quiz competitions. Victoria (left, above) takes nature photography. Did I mention that they’re in high school? And by the way, they accomplish all of this with vision loss.

The Leger twins were born prematurely and developed Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) while in the NICU, due to being on oxygen. Olivia was highly visually impaired until middle school grades when a series of retinal detachments left her legally blind. Victoria has low vision.

We connected with Victoria and Olivia through the Polus Center’s Envision Success Project. This program helps youth who are blind to explore career opportunities. Victoria and Olivia are both interested in pursuing marketing and writing, and WayAround is committed to employing people with blindness and vision loss. It was clearly a win-win!

Stay tuned for blog posts and videos from Victoria and Olivia. They have some great, practical ideas about how to use WayAround to make life with vision loss a little more organized.

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