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Top Five Ways to Make Outdoor Maintenance and Hobbies More Accessible

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Using WayAround outdoors can help make your lawn and garden maintenance and outside hobbies more accessible. We’re sharing five of our favorite ways to use WayAround outdoors along with tips from WayAround users about how to make the most of your WayTags.

1. Plants and Gardening

Whether you want to identify plants in containers or rows in your in-ground garden, you can use WayTags for vegetables and flowers to easily access information like sun tolerance, watering needs, or fertilizer and pruning schedules. Use a WayClip to slide inside the flower pot, embedding the plastic clip into the dirt. Leave the top of the clip above ground so you can touch it with your phone. Or attach a sticker to a plastic plant label or a garden stake. On a metal garden stake, use a square sticker, while on a plastic stake, a round sticker will suffice.

Identify trees by tying a WayTag oval hole button loosely around a lower branch. You can add feeding instructions along with the tree name and any pests it may be vulnerable to for future reference. Be sure to re-tie the button every few years so the cord does not become embedded in the bark.

You can also use WayTag stickers on seed packets. Calle suggests, “Way Tags have been great for labeling my various seed packets, making it much easier to differentiate between the many identical feeling packets. Plus, with the various text fields for entering details, I am able to include additional information, such as planting and watering schedules, making it easier to remember which plants follow which schedules.”

2. Fence and Deck Maintenance

Your fence & deck maintenance information can easily be tracked using a WayAround tag. Include how often as well as the steps to follow when performing maintenance like staining and sealing. Edit the tag each time you perform a maintenance task to record the date maintenance was completed. It’s easy to forget when you’ve done tasks that are as infrequent as this. You can also include the color and brand of paint or stain so you can easily match what you’ve used in the past. Tie an oval hole button to a cross beam of your fence or the rail of your deck. Pick a location that makes sense to you that’s easy to find but also discreet. It could be near the gate or where the rail attaches to the house, for example.

3. Garden Shed Organization

Could your garden shed benefit from better organization? Tag items like fertilizer and pesticides with the exact name, instructions for use, and safety precautions. You can also record when you last applied a product and on which particular part of your yard or garden.

Use a large oval hole button tied with a sturdy cord or silicone band around a jug handle to easily tell which is which. For items in plastic containers, you can stick a WayTag sticker directly to the container. Or if you plan to go through the item quickly, leave the sticker on its backing and use painters tape to affix it to the container. Your phone will be able to read through the painters tape. Garden sprayers are often only used for a single product, and a WayAround sticker can help you differentiate between multiple sprayers so you will use the right product in the right way.

What else is in your shed? Tag it to make it easy to identify! Bins on shelves are often cumbersome and heavy. Tagging them with WayAround lets you find out what’s inside without pulling it off the shelf and digging through it. Square WayTag stickers on the front edge of metal shelves work great in the shed to help you put bins back where they go!

4. Pool Equipment

Your pool, spa, or irrigation equipment can be tagged to help you remember when and how to do all the things that keep it running well without having to find the manual and scan it for the right bit of information you need. Tracy recommends, “The stickers can be applied to things like my pool filter valve so I can remind myself of the procedure to backflush the filter. If my wife has to do that, she now has the instructions at her fingertips, too.”

On the WayTag, you can add a link to an online manual or a YouTube video to help you remember how to operate a piece of equipment you don’t use very often. Remember, square WayTag stickers and WayClips can go on anything including metal, while round stickers and clips can go on anything except metal. The WayTag oval hole buttons work well for harsh chemicals or anything that may get wet frequently.

5. Livestock & Farm Animals

A blind cattle rancher who uses WayAround to keep track of his cattle’s productivity levels and whether they are up-to-date on their vaccinations has inspired others who practice animal husbandry and want to do so accessibly. “I can organize all the information for a certain cow, such as their date of birth, weight, and vaccination history in the WayTag and then stick it to the back of the cow’s ear tag” Jason explains. “All I have to do after that is scan the tag with my phone, and I’ll immediately have access to all that information.”

To tag an animal, the easiest way is to use Jason’s technique: attach a WayTag sticker to the ear tag. The stickers have a vinyl coating that protects them from the elements, and the ear tag is easy to locate. For animals that have a collar, you can attach an oval hole button with a metal ring. The metal will not interfere with the function of the WayTag. For the barn, use the tips from the garden shed section above (Tip #3) to keep track of medications, supplies, and other important information or documents.

How do you plan to take WayAround outside with you? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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