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Preserving Family Recipes and Traditions with WayTags

A woman holds a recipe books surrounded by various cooking utensils and basic ingredients such as lemons, eggs, oil, flour, and salt.

As the holiday season approaches, you may dust off your grandmother’s china or reminisce about family stories. Whether your memories involve family-led activities such as games, stories, music, or meals around an older family member’s table, preserving favorite family traditions is an important part of celebrating holidays. Holidays signify love, togetherness, and belonging. The older we get, the more we want to hold tight to those feelings from years past that keep us connected to who we are.

Unfortunately, time can get the better of us, and sometimes memory can cloud certain aspects of our family traditions. Keeping these important parts of our family alive is the key to passing the traditions on to future generations.

Stories Deserve to Be Remembered

When loved ones pass on, we remember and honor them through things such as their favorite recipes or activities we used to do with them. Sometimes, it’s in the stories we tell.

Oftentimes, it can be a struggle to keep all those stories straight or preserve all the recipes we know and love. In a world surrounded by technology that makes holding onto the past much easier, these new tools can help keep our family stories going from generation to generation.

This is where WayAround’s WayTags can be extremely beneficial for anyone looking to organize their family’s history better. Because WayTags can hold unlimited information, it expands the possibilities for preserving notes about family histories, traditions, and recipes.

Whether you are looking to use our products to mark each of your recipe boxes or books to indicate where certain holiday dishes can be found or to add stories to the multitude of photo albums in your home, WayAround is here to help.

Ways to Utilize WayTags

There are many ways that our traditions and memories can be preserved using WayTags. Having these stickers or buttons stored with all our family stories and important information can help keep our traditions around for years to come.

Recipes and Photo Albums

If you are looking to organize your family recipes better or even transfer them to one of our WayTags to ensure they’re always available, we suggest using our WayTag stickers. Place a sticker on a corner of a binder or recipe book for easy access.

This makes it easy to find that particular holiday recipe you were looking for – simply scan the tag, and you’ll know which book or binder you’ve stored it in. You can even place it on the back of a recipe card and scan the WayTag through the card.

Also, you can use WayTags for any stories or information you want to attach to photo albums filled with older photos. Store references for what photos are on what pages and give a little back story if you wish. This is the perfect way to ensure even the smallest details about your family’s story remain years after the family members are gone.


Secondly, many people keep their favorite items of clothing when their loved one passes on. These shirts, pants, sweaters, etc, spark a natural nostalgia in us – especially when we are gathered together, swapping stories and memories.

Sometimes, these items – especially clothing for special events such as wedding dresses – are passed down from generation to generation. To preserve the memories these clothes bring with them, you can use WayTag buttons to store any valuable information that you or future generations might want to recall. This will help to keep their memories alive and well.

Boxes of Holiday Decor

Finally, for many families, setting up the home to be ready for the holiday season is a favorite activity each year. Often, this includes bringing out boxes upon boxes of decorations, many handmade, that have been passed from child to grandchild and so on.

These items must be handled carefully and require an extra special touch. Knowing where they came from and how to keep them in good condition can easily be forgotten over time. This is why using WayTag stickers on the storage bins will help preserve the memories of these traditions and the care required to allow these decorations to stay in the family for a few more generations.

What This Means for the Holiday Season

When you make WayAround’s WayTags a part of your holiday traditions, you ensure that the way your family has approached this time of year remains the same even as the years pass. Knowing who our family is and where we come from is an important part of knowing who we are.

So pull out your grandma’s old cookbook and listen as the WayTags tell you not only how she made that special dish but also why it’s so important to your family. Or work together to put the house in order for the holiday season while listening to stories about members of the family who are no longer with us.

Whatever your holiday tradition or memory, WayAround can help you keep it active and alive for years to come.

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