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Three Ways to Get Started with WayAround

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There are lots and lots of ways you can use WayAround to make life with vision loss a little simpler, but sometimes the hardest part is deciding where to begin. Don’t worry—we’ve put together some ideas on how you can get started.

Remember, WayTags + the WayAround app = better information for people with vision loss. WayTags are NFC tags (stickers, buttons, magnets, or clips) that connect physical items to the WayAround app. You can put them on just about anything. Then scan with your NFC-enabled smartphone for the description and details.Learn more about how WayAround works.

We’ve heard lots of great ideas about how to use WayAround. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Tag dress shirts to tell them apart
  • Add WayTags to spice containers, so you don’t have to do the sniff test
  • Label important documents like your birth certificate or marriage license

Our Starter Packs are a great way to try out WayAround and start getting better information, faster. You can pre-order WayTags, including starter packs! All pre-orders will ship once the app is released, later this Fall.

Keep reading for more information about our Starter Packs.

Basic Starter Pack

The Basic Starter Pack lets you try out all the different types of WayTags, so you can decide what you like best. There are 60 total tags, including:A resealable bag containing all of the Starter Pack WayTags.

  • 15 stickers
  • 5 on-metal stickers
  • 10 magnets
  • 15 WayClips
  • 5 on-metal WayClips
  • 5 2-hole buttons
  • 5 oval hole buttons

The Basic Starter Pack is a great way to get started with WayAround and experiment with all of our different types of WayTag products.

Laundry Starter Pack

Our popular Laundry Starter Pack includes 25 WayTag buttons plus a blind-friendly sewing kit—everything you need to get started tagging your clothes. We suggest sewing the buttons in a standard location, like the bottom hem of shirts or pants. When you’re scanning, you’ll know where to find the WayTag button. Plus, putting it in the bottom helps the garment hang correctly when you’re wearing it.

Bag of several black 2 hole buttons, a spool of invisible thread, a package of self-threading needles, and a wide cork.The blind-friendly sewing kit includes a pack of self-threading needles, a cork, and invisible thread. Here’s how we recommend using it:

  1. The cork is wide and stable, not tall and skinny like a wine bottle cork. Place the wider base of the cork on a table or flat surface.
  2. Choose the appropriate size of needle for your garment. Stick the sharp end into the cork, so it stands straight up. The needle has a small opening at the top, where the thread can slide in.
  3. Cut a length of invisible thread. Pull the thread taught, and slide it down at the top of the needle. Once it is in the needle’s eye, it should stay in place.
  4. Double the thread and knot the ends.
  5. You’re ready to get stitching!

The WayTag button and thread can both safely go through the washer and dryer without melting or damaging the technology. By the way, if sewing isn’t your thing, our WayTag oval hole buttons can be attached to garments with a safety pin.

Kitchen Starter Pack

The Kitchen Starter Pack is our biggest starter pack, with a total of 200 WayTags! It includes:

  • 50 magnets
  • 50 stickers
  • 25 on-metal stickers
  • 50 WayClips
  • 25 on-metal WayClips

There are so many ways to use WayTags in your kitchen! Here are a few ideas:

  • Use the magnets on the tops of canned goods. (They are more secure on the top than on the curved side.)
  • Use stickers on containers that you refill, like spices, baking supplies, or dry goods. Square top WayClip attached with a hair tie to a can of cornWe recommend using stickers on the container itself, not the lids, so you don’t accidentally swap lids and get confused.
  • Attach WayClips directly to boxed goods like cereal or snacks. They also can be used to close bread bags.
  • WayClips can be used with a rubber band or hair elastic to attach to a milk jug or canned goods. Remember to use the square on-metal WayClips for anything metal.

So, there you have it! Our three starter packs will help you get started quickly and easily with WayAround, so you can get better information, faster. Whether you start big or small, you can always add more WayTags–there is no limit to how many WayTags you use.

Ready to get started? Preorder your WayTags and be one of the first to try out this powerful new technology for anyone with vision loss.

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