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Watch as Our Co-Founder’s Family Reacts to His WayAround Gift Tags

Kimberly, Armand & Diana's daughter sitting in front of a fireplace smiling

The holidays are a special time of year. We love hearing from WayAround users about the creative ways our WayAround smart assistant has improved their Christmas season.

Our co-founder, Armand Fisher, is particularly fond of his WayAround WayTags. Today, Armand uses WayTags to label Christmas gifts with the names of recipients and festive messages.

Using the WayAround smart assistant, Armand can quickly determine which gift belongs to which family member. Armand simply attaches a WayTag to each gift, then taps his WayAround smartphone app on each WayTag to determine where that gift is going.

As an added advantage, WayAround keeps the recipient of each gift a secret! Only the person who created the WayTag can read the stored information.

Thanks to the WayAround smart assistant, Armand can embrace the giving spirit of Christmas. He can play the role of Santa Claus: preparing the gifts beneath the tree, tapping smart gift tags with his WayAround app or WayLink reader, and then calling out the recipients.

Don’t take our word for it – watch the video below!

As Armand’s wife explains, “Our youngest daughter has traditionally gone through all the gifts to see which ones are hers….Last Christmas was the first year we used WayAround. We just took them in and put them under the tree. When we got there, the first place she headed was under the tree.”

“She’s like, ‘There’s no names on these. How are we supposed to know who they go to?”

Kimberly, Armand and Diana’s daughter, was unfamiliar with WayAround at first, she quickly realized how the WayTags had made her father’s life easier. Instead of individually labeling each gift with a traditional gift tag that would be difficult to read, Armand could simply tap the WayTag with the WayAround mobile app to input the recipient’s name and a personalized, festive message.

Now, Armand plays a big role in Christmas morning gift-giving once again.

“For one thing, I always liked to play Santa Claus. I was able to pass out packages without the ability to read.”

After working as an architect for more than three decades, Armand Fisher suddenly lost his vision over a period of several weeks in 2005. Armand used his vision loss experience combined with his professional experience as an architect when he co-founded WayAround.

“WayAround is going to be a big part of our Christmas holiday. We’re really looking forward to it,” added Armand.

Today, we love hearing about how individuals with vision loss have used WayAround to improve their lives. Their stories motivate us to continue improving our smart assistant. Armand and others use WayAround to label Christmas gifts, but we hear about new and creative uses for WayAround every day – from passing out Christmas gifts to baking Christmas cookies.

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