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WayAround Products Now Available Through A.T. Guys and LS&S Online Stores

Photograph of an e-commerce store page with the LS&S and A.T. Guys logos. Text reads: WayAround Products Now Available Through A.T. Guys and LS&S Online Stores

Distribution agreement makes it easier than ever for domestic and international customers to order WayAround Starter Kit and other popular products.

WayAround is excited to announce that we have partnered with two online retailers. WayAround products are now available from the official A.T. Guys and LS&S websites.

Both online stores now feature our popular WayAround Starter Kit, which comes with everything you need to get started with WayAround. The WayAround Starter Kit includes 60 WayClips, stickers, magnets, and buttons at a price of just $62.99.

Customers can also purchase our Laundry Starter Pack ($42.99), the WayAround WayLink Scanner ($99.99), and packs of stickers and buttons ($24.99 to $37.99) from either online store.

The order pages are now live for domestic and international customers.

We’re Partnering with Two of the Best Assistive Tech Distributors

Both A.T. Guys and LS&S are committed to customer service and to providing helpful and forward-thinking technologies to those with vision loss.

A.T. Guys is an online store featuring all different types of access technologies. Founded in 2008, the retailer provides affordable technology solutions for consumers, businesses, and educational customers. Products include mobile phone software and accessories, portable electronics, screen readers, braille translation software, accessible games, and more.

Check out our WayAround product page on the A.T. Guys online store here.

Our own COO Jessica Hipp did a podcast interview with J.J. from A.T. Guys at CSUN 2019. Jessica described how WayAround helps users navigate their surroundings more easily. She also discussed the differences between the iOS and Android versions of the WayAround app, including how you can expand the WayAround experience using the WayLink. You can listen to that podcast for free online today.

LS&S has served the needs of people with vision and hearing loss for over 33 years. The Buffalo, New York-based company features thousands of different products on its online store, including everything from low vision electronics to orientation and mobility products. LS&S also works extensively with Federal, State, and School agencies throughout the country, and they are able to easily process any purchase orders. We’re happy to see WayAround featured amongst the extensive LS&S catalog of assistive technology products.

You can visit the WayAround product page on the LS&S online store here.

It’s Now Easier than Ever for International Customers to Get WayAround

We’ve heard your feedback. We’ve been working to make it easier for international customers to get WayAround. Thanks to our partnership with A.T. Guys and LS&S, it’s easier than ever before!

Both A.T. Guys and LS&S serve domestic and international customers. They can easily ship internationally. This is the easiest it has ever been for customers outside of the US to order WayAround.

International Orders with A.T. Guys

A.T. Guys ships internationally at competitive rates. Just visit their WayAround product page, fill up your shopping cart, and check out. You can enter your international shipping information and see shipping costs upfront.

A.T. Guys offers shipping to Canada starting at a flat $12 rate.

Orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours via USPS Priority or Express Mail.

International Orders with LS&S

International customers can get product information online from the LS&S online store. To complete the purchase, however, you will need to call or email LS&S directly because international credit cards cannot be processed using the standard online form.

LS&S can process your credit card information over the phone. They’ll also give you a tailored shipping quote upfront.

You can contact LS&S by phone at 800-468-4789. The company is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.

As WayAround continues to grow, we look forward to seeing our products used by more people both within the United States and around the world!

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